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Smith AG.
Nozzle and exhaust plume flow and heat transfer.
Presented at the Royal Aeronautical Society Conference on Engine Airframe Integration, 10th & 11th October 1996.

Publication: Published in the Propulsion Conference Proceedings. Paper 5. ISBN 1 85168 092 8.

S&C Thermofluids Ltd is involved with the prediction and small scale testing of the flow and heat transfer associated with aircraft and missile propulsion systems. A general purpose prediction capability has been created for allowing rapid assessment of flow and heat transfer within both circular and rectangular nozzle systems including transition ducts. The main requirement for this capability is in the determination of the infra-red signature associated with the nozzle surfaces and the subsequent plume. The code allows for the transport of chemical species to be predicted along with any associated reactions. The capability has undergone extensive validation against experimental measurements. A number of nozzle designs aimed at signature reduction and thrust vectoring have also been examined using similar techniques and small scale experiments have been carried out to validate the result. This paper reviews the progress within this on going research programme.

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