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Smith AG.
Some operational considerations of using PHOENICS

Publication: PHOENICS Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics and its applications 1996, 9 no 1, p1-9

S&C Thermofluids Ltd has been applying PHOENICS to a wide range of cases over the last nine years. Attention has been given to the effective use of the code, particularly in the areas of geometry specification, boundary condition settings, and choice of solution algorithms. The aim of the paper is to review some of the operational aspects of using PHOENICS. These are chiefly in the areas of geometry specification via CAD data, use of the parabolic solver and use of the conjugate heat transfer capability. These areas will be reviewed with the aid of specific examples - namely - a cylinder head cooling flow, exhaust plumes, and missile aerodynamic heating. The paper aims to highlight both advantages of the techniques and some deficiencies.

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