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Smith AG, Taylor K, Kopmels M & Rooks S (DERA) et al.
The use of PHOENICS in aircraft infra-red signature prediction

Publication: PHOENICS Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics and its Applications, Vol. 7 No. 4, pp 126-149, 1995 95/34

A system has been created to allow infra-red signatures of aircraft to be evaluated. The system handles aircraft, helicopter and missile types. PHOENICS is used to provide the flowfield and heat transfer modelling capability of the system. The system can take simples or rigorous geometry specification with subsequent generation of grids suitable for use with PHOENICS. Flight conditions are translated into CFD boundary conditions and solution controls. User ground subroutines are provided to calculate additional source terms. The output is automatically interfaced for use with infra-red prediction software. Flowfield interactions with complex exhaust plumes can be modelled via sub-models. For helicopters a special sub-model has been created for the prediction of rotor downwash. Validation and testing of the software is currently underway.

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