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Smith AG & Kopmels M.
Prediction of Coanda effect flow fields.
Presented at the 5th International PHOENICS User Conference, Nice, September 1994.

Publication: Published in the International PHOENICS Journal Vol. 6, No 4 1994, pp 408-426 92/39

A design tool, in the form of a Coanda effect model, had previously been developed for an internal axi-symmetric Coanda nozzle. The model was found to give good comparison with experimental results. The work was reported at the 4th International PHOENICS Users Conference.

This paper reports on the work which has been undertaken with an extended Coanda effect model. Grid generation programs were updated to include flow fields for 2D and 3D, internal and external Coanda nozzles.

The Coanda effect design tool was used in the development of a gas burner, a cooling device for high and low pressure flows and an automotive catalyst. The experimental results obtained from the constructed devices are compared with those originally predicted.

PHOENICS was able to predict the flows in the cases presented with a varying degree of success. Flow separation in the cooling device, with the high pressure flow, was predicted. It was successfully used to redesign the shape of the Coanda surface which enabled this flow to remain attached. In the case of the burner, the flow was predicted to remain attached to the surface, but in practice the flow separated.

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