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Smith AG, Ayris JN & Beasley J (Royal Ordnance).
The modelling of blast wave propagation using PHOENICS.
Presented at the 5th International PHOENICS User Conference, Nice, September 1992.

Publication: International PHOENICS Journal, Vol. 6, No 3 1993, pp 325-341 & Hi-Hx 92/28 bp

PHOENICS has been applied to the problem of blast wave propagation from an explosive source. The aim is to allow stress levels within a structure such as an aircraft to be evaluated, when subject to such forces. PHOENICS Q1, Satellite, and Ground coding have been produced which allow the setting up of three-dimensional, transient blast simulations. Consideration has been given to the way in which a suitable PHOENICS boundary condition could be formulated from a knowledge of the quantity of a given explosive material Several options have been provided for such formulation. The model has been applied to some idealised cases. The results appear to be realistic, although some effects of grid resolution were noticed. The model needs to be validated against experimental data.

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