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Smith AG.
The prediction of air breathing engine and rocket motor exhaust plume flowfields and infrared signatures.
Presented at the 5th International PHOENICS User Conference, Nice, September 1992.

Publication: Published in the International PHOENICS Journal Vol. 6, No 4 1993, pp 427-451 92/29

Coding has been developed to enable 3D plume infra-red signatures to be determined. BFC based models of transition duct and convergent-divergent nozzle flows have been created in order to provide nozzle exit plane conditions for round, rectangular and elliptic nozzle shapes. Satellite coding has been written which produces suitable PHOENICS settings for grid, variables, initial fields, boundary conditions and under-relaxation from user's air breathing engine or rocket motor performance data, Three dimensional exhaust flowfields have been studied using this capability. Flows from rectangular nozzle, twin nozzle and three nozzle arrangements are presented. In all cases chemical species are modelled, but reactions are included only for the rocket exhausts. An interface has been created to a 3D infra-red signature prediction code to allow radiance levels in a given bandwidth to be calculated from the predicted plume flowfield. The PHOENICS-IR3D system is currently undergoing extensive validation.

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