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Smith MW (Dstl), Neininger E & Taylor K.
Adsorption modelling using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Publication: "Fundamentals of Adsorption 9 conference, Sicily (poster) and 'Adsorption' (Journal of the

A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based model has been developed to represent adsorption in activated carbon vapour filters. Experimental adsorption isotherm data is used to determine adsorption uptakes, with a linear driving force approach used to model the adsorption kinetics. Comparisons between experimental and modelled breakthrough curves for pentane vapour adsorbing onto BPL granular carbon show a qualitative match, although there is a systematic error caused by a mismatch between uptakes from the isotherm and the dynamic breakthrough experiments. Preliminary experiments show that the CFD model is able to replicate the effects of variable influent concentration on the effluent concentration-time profile. Crown Copyright.

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