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Smith AG & Cretella A (Fiat Avio).
The problem of exhaust plume radiation during the launch phase of a spacecraft

Publication: PHOENICS User Conference, Moscow, September 2002

Calculations have been made of the radiative heat transfer from the plume of a solid propellant motor to the launch vehicle surface. CFD (using PHOENICS as the core solver) has been used to provide predictions of the exhaust plume flowfield. This data has then been translated to a post-processing system (FEMVIEW) for radiation calculations to be made. These calculations have included the effect of particulates present within the gas stream. Individual lines of sight from various positions along the vehicle surface through the plume have been considered. The incident radiance for each line of sight has been calculated using a wide bandwidth of the infrared spectrum. The influence of progressively steeper lines of sight through the plume have been considered and total irradiance at each location has been calculated. The calculated values of irradiance at the surface are potentially detrimental to the 3rd stage motor and measures are required to protect it.

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