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Newman S (DERA), Rooks S (DERA), Bull C (DERA), Green J, Taylor K & Smith AG.
Validation of SAPPHIRE Heat Transfer Predictions

Publication: Proceedings of 12th Ground Target modelling and Validation conference, Houghton, MI

Platform infrared (IR) signature prediction requires detailed information about detailed surface temperature distribution. The thermal modelling techniques, which provide such temperature distributions, rely on an ability to predict the combination of convection, conduction and radiation. As these techniques develop, validation of the methods used is required. this paper describes work to validat full-scale thermal modelling techniques as used in the Dstl SAPPHIRE codes. The prediction of helicopter tail boom heating from gas turbine exhaust flow and subsequent IR signature prediction is compared with temperature and IR measurements made using a real tail boom and Gnome (T58) engine exhaust flow. The correct prediction of plume temperature distribution has proved critical to obtaining a realistic hard body surface temperature distribution. Crown Copyright.

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