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Smith AG & Wu CML.
Use of PHOENICS for modelling chemically reacting rocket exhausts.

Publication: Bp Vol. 4, Suppl.1, pp 22-42 PHOENICS Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Published by CHAM 91/32

The coding from an existing 2D, axisymmetric, fixed geometry rocket exhaust model has been implemented within PHOENICS. This is to provide a versatile 3D rocket exhaust plume modelling capability. In the present version of this model, 18 species can be chosen from a list of 182, and 40 possible reactions can be handled from a choice of 236. The solution of chemical kinetics can be achieved either by producing PHOENICS type source terms for use in the Tri-Diagonal Matrix Algorithm or by use of a Fast Chemistry Solver, based on the CREK code, operating independently of the PHOENICS solver. The latter method of solution is advantageous for flows dominated by reaction rather than mixing. A detailed description of the way in which this implementation is achieved within PHOENICS is presented. The hope is that users could adopt similar methodologies for modelling chemically reacting flows. Such a method might be applicable to studying N0x problems. Results from using the code are presented. The likely areas of future development of this code are described.

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