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Smith AG & Taylor K.
Modelling of two-phase rocket exhaust plumes and other plume prediction developments

Publication: PHOENICS Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics and its applications, 2000, 13 no 1, p13-28

Combustion processes result in the creation of an exhaust flow. The exhaust is released into the atmosphere creating a plume. A knowledge and understanding of the exhaust plume flowfield can be important for a number of reasons such as thermal or aerodynamic loading from impingement, infrared signature prediction or environmental considerations (e.g. diesel particulates). Software exists for the prediction of plume flowfields from a number of powerplant types. This software has been developed over several years and uses PHOENICS as the core solver. This paper describes recent developments of the plume prediction software carried out to enhance its capabilities and applications. The particular areas that are described in this paper are 1/ the implementation of a limited two phase capability, 2/ the application of the PHOENICS enhancements to the parabolic capability for underexpanded flows, 3/ the feasibility of using parallel PHOENICS for plume predictions, 4/ the prediction of transient phenomena within plumes.

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