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Rooks S (DERA) & Smith AG.
Flowfield and IR Signature Modelling for Ground Targets.
Presented at the Proceeding of the Eighth Annual Ground Target Modelling and Validation Conference - Houghton, MI, August 1997


The Electro-Optic Signatures section at the UK's Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) is principally concerned with the prediction and control of air-vehicle infra-red signatures. The accurate modelling of plume flowfields is fundamental to a realistic IR signature prediction. This has been made possible through the development of appropriate CFD models which have been validated across a wide range of vehicle types. In addition to the flow field models, a number of IR signature prediction codes have been developed to make use of the CFD data to provide complex three dimensional signature assessment.

In order to obtain a complete flow field prediction capability for air-vehicle platforms such as helicopters it has been necessary to extend the plume prediction capabilities to include complex geometrical and flow field features. This has led to the development of a suite of programmes know as SAPPHIRE which for the case of helicopters is capable of considering flow field interactions between the rotors, exhaust plume (including effects of IR suppressors), free stream and ground effects. This paper describes the plume flow field prediction capabilities and how they have been developed within SAPPHIRE to provide a complete platform level signature prediction technique. An example illustrating the use of SAPPHIRE for assessing a typical helicopter flow field and IR signature will be presented. Crown Copyright.

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