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Smith AG & Taylor K.
The simulation of an aircraft engine intake anti-icing system.

Publication: PHOENICS Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics and its applications, 1997, 10 no 2, p150-166

A PHOENICS model has been created to simulate the flow and heat transfer associated with the Jetstream 41 aircraft engine intake system. The 2D model allows the external aerodynamics, the internal heating flows, and the conjugate heat transfer through the skin of the airframe to be determined at the centreline of the intake. GENTRA is used to evaluate the trajectories of typical super-cooled water droplets as they approach the intake. Using the impact data resulting from the GENTRA run, source terms are added to the energy equation to take account of the cooling effect of the water impingement. The effectiveness of the anti-ice system can then be determined. Validation against existing flight data has been carried out and agreement is generally speaking good. The model has been used to simulate a number of cases in support of airworthiness certification for a new intake design.

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