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Smith AG & Taylor K.
CFD prediction of exhaust plumes and interaction with superstructures.

Publication: TRANSACTIONS- INSTITUTE OF MARINE ENGINEERS -SERIES C-; 109, part 1; p55-62 Application of fluid dynamics in the safe design of topsides and superstructures

A software system has been produced to model the dispersion of exhaust plumes and their interaction with the superstructure in order to predict the plume shape and resultant IR signature. A general purpose, commercial CFD code linked to a specially developed pre-processor is used to predict the plume flowfield, temperature and gaseous species distribution. This data is then post-processed using a line-of-sight algorithm to calculate the spectral radiance and apparent temperature.

The system takes into account multiple plumes, exhaust composition, blockage effects of the superstructure and wind effects.

This paper describes the main components of the system and the physical models embodied in each. At the time of writing, the system is still under development, but some preliminary results are also presented here.

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