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Smith AG & Kopmels M.
Modelling of Coanda effect devices using PHOENICS.

Publication: PHOENICS Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics Vol. 4 Suppl.1, pp 84-119. Published by CHAM 91/33

A design tool has been produced for internal axisymmetric and plane two dimensional Coanda effect nozzles. The tool is based on PHOENICS predictions of nozzle flowfield and overall performance, and consists of a BFC grid generation program and a Q1 input file. Ground coding is used to enhance the model although this is not essential to obtain realistic predictions of Coanda effect device flowfields. The model has been applied to a number of different design problems. The predictions have been found to give acceptable levels of agreement with measurements and the tool has proved useful in the design of a rotary engine exhaust nozzle.

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