Coanda model at Farnborough Airshow

2010 marked the 100 year anniversary of Henri Coanda’s 1910 aircraft.

Coanda's 1910 plane

This revolutionary aircraft was unique in that it was one of the first to use a compressor and reactive thrust system. However, more importantly, as Coanda attempted to fly the aircraft he discovered the phenomenon which bears his name to this day –  the Coanda effect.

Henri Coanda, a Romanian born engineer, worked for a time at the Bristol Aircraft Company as their “Chef Technique”. The picture below shows him, on the right, outside Filton House.

Coanda on the right

As a tribute to Henri Coanda and his 1910 aircraft, S & C Thermofluids produced a model based on that 1910 aircraft designed also to demonstrate the Coanda effect.

Coanda on the right

S & C Thermofluids displayed this model at the 2010 Farnborough International Airshow on top of our brochure rack located at the West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF) stand.

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