Kemble Engine Test FaciLity (KETL)

As of 2014, S & C Thermofluids are operating the Kemble Engine Test FaciLity (KETL) on a purpose-built facility at Cotswold Airport, which houses the Gnome turbojet and one of the Gnome turboshaft rigs. This exciting development increases S & Cís experimental facilities, adding to those already available at the GETL in Portreath.



Adour Test Facility

KETL is also the new home of the Adour engine.
S & C operated the Adour Uninstalled Engine Test Facility (UETF) at St Athan on behalf of the Air and Weapons Systems Department of Dstl until 2010, when the site closed. Since then S & C and Dstl have been searching for a suitable location to run the Adour engines. S & C offered KETL as an interim home for the engines, and since mid-2013 have been installing the necessary detuner and intake splitters to make the large scale testing viable. In January 2014, the Adour engine was commissioned at Kemble.

The laboratory offers a low cost propulsion research capability at large scale.

The Adour Engine

The Adour engine is manufactured by jointly by Rolls-Royce and Turbomeca and variants of the engine are used in the BAE Systems Hawk, SEPECAT Jaguar and Mitsubishi F-1 and T-2 aircraft.

The UETF is capable of operating both the Mk.151 (Hawk) and Mk.104 (Jaguar) engines.

In dry mode, the Adour is capable of producing around 23.5kN of thrust. The Adour 104 has reheat capability which can take the thrust to 37.5kN.


Adour Specifications

In the UETF, the Mk.104 engines are used and these are run in the dry mode.

Key features of the 104 engine:

  • Bypass ratio 0.75-0.8
  • Two shaft
  • Five stage axial compressor
  • Two stage turbine
  • Mass flow approximately 40kg/s
  • Thrust 23.5kN (sea level static - dry)
  • Exhaust temperature up to 750 ºC
  • NPR up to 2.0 (sea level static)
  • Fuel - AVTUR

The engine is mounted on a support frame which is housed within a dedicated hush-house to reduce noise levels during engine test.

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